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New Varieties for SP 2018

Download list as .pdf    New Plants Spring 2018 ARONIA (Chokeberry) 10-49      50 up AUTUMN MAGIC (Aronia melanocarpa ‘Autumn Magic’) Zone 4 Masses of fragrant white flowers in spring are followed by clusters of glossy purple-black fruit that persist into winter. Lustrous green foliage turns vibrant red and purple in fall. Upright spreading… Read more »

New Varieties for SP 2017

Download list as .pdf   Click here:     New Plants Spring 2017 NEW PLANTS SPRING 2017 ACER GRISEUM (Paperbark Maple) PAPERBARK (Acer griseum) Zone 4 Oval rounded habit. Peeling, cinnamon to reddish brown bark. Dark green foliage turns yellow-orange to red in the fall. Excellent slow growing small tree for smaller properties. Drought tolerant. 10-49… Read more »

Spotlight on Shrubs

Here at Surface Nursery trees are our life but let’s not forget the great shrubs we have to offer. New this year are Passionate hydrangea and Snowmound spirea. The Snowmound spirea is a popular urban planting and for good reason. It tolerates a wide range of soils and maintains a pleasing shape without requiring a… Read more »

New plants for 2015-2016

Download list as .pdf:      New Plants Spring 2016 AMELANCHIER (Serviceberry) CUMULUS ™ SERVICEBERRY (Amelanchier x laevis ‘Cumulus’) Zone 4 Distinct upright oval shape with fleecy white flowers in spring and bright yellow to orange-scarlet fall color. Plus $.40 Royalty. 10-49 50 up 7′ Branched 29.95 26.35 6′ Branched 26.85 23.65 5′ Branched 22.15… Read more »

New Varieties Available for Spring 2015

We are growing and expanding our variety listing for Spring 2015! Take a look here:    Surface Available Variety Listing 2014-2015   New Varieties for 2014-2015: ACER PALMATUM (Japanese Maple) OSAKASUKI (Acer palmatum ‘Osakasuki’) Zone 5 Rich green foliage resists sun scorch in the summer heat.  Intense crimson red foliage in autumn. Vigorous, upright rounded… Read more »