Spring 2012 Newsletter

Spring Has Sprung

Trees in the business district

Studies prove that trees have a positive effect on many aspects of people’s lives, including their health, homes, businesses, communities, drinking water, and air quality. Research shows that shoppers in well-landscaped business districts are willing to pay more for parking and up to 12% more for goods and services. - http://www.parksandpeople.org

It has been one challenging weather season following on the heels of a year that sustained 12 recordbreaking weather disasters across the U.S.
Here in Oregon, we had snow in mid-March! With winter behind us, we are now preparing our fields for what looks like a good Spring. Field crews are busy pruning, staking and fertilizing and our greenhouse crews are busy with tissue culture plantlets arriving from the lab.

We are optimistic about our 2012-2013 season. We had a recent upswing in sales and customers have already started placing orders for Spring 2013. Since tree demand is increasing, we suggest placing your orders by mid-July to secure your variety and size selection.

Our Continued Vision

Back in 1925 Melvin Surface planted a seed with a hope and a dream. Richard Surface continued that dream with a vision of growing quality trees and exceptional customer service.
We at Surface Nursery look forward to many more years of Richard’s vision of quality trees and dedicated service, to you, our friends and customers. We would like to thank you for your continued trust and confidence in Surface Nursery.

Introducing New Varieties

Saturn Dogwood

Saturn® Dogwood, Cornus kousa x C. florida

Every year we expand our growing list and this year is no exception. We are adding bareroot dogwoods, including Saturn®, Hyperion®, Heart Throb®, Samaritan® and Pagoda dogwood. Also new to the lineup are Turkish filbert, Sunspire Columnar goldenchain, Purple Prince crabapple and Hedge maple.

The Story of Our Potatoes

For many years we have shipped a box of Cream of the Crop, Norkotah russet potatoes with your order.
These potatoes are grown in the Pacific Northwest in the Columbia Basin. We purchase these potatoes locally from Strebin Farms who have been growing potatoes since the 1950’s. They are harvested from August 1st to November 1st. You may have noticed that the boxes
are marked with a (40). There are 40 potatoes to a box and weigh an average of 20 ounces each, which make them great for a meal on it’s own or paired with a great steak. We hope you have enjoyed your potatoes and look forward to sending them to you in the years to come.

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