About Surface Nursery

Melvin Surface had a hope and a dream when he founded Surface Nursery Inc. after graduating in 1925, holding a diploma in one hand and one ounce of Azalea mollis seed in the other. Two years later, he harvested that crop and purchased five acres. Shortly after, Melvin met and married Dona Dempsey, and together they bought 14 acres of prime nursery property in Gresham, OR. The retail-wholesale nursery acreage is now a housing development located near Twelve Mile Corner. Melvin remained actively involved with the nursery until he passed away in July 1991.

Back then, horses were still used to prepare the ground for planting and to bring in crops from the fields. Richard Melvin Surface was born on the original site of Surface Nursery and passed away in November 2009 at his home surrounded by family and friends. Richard is fondly remembered as having packed a lot of living into 72 years of life. Many long time employees will keep the quality of the Surface name intact with the wisdom Richard bestowed upon them.

Although times have changed dramatically, the goal since the inception of Surface Nursery has been to grow quality bare-root shade and flowering trees. We value the many close relationships we have formed over the years with our suppliers and customers. We strive to maintain the good, old-fashioned knowledge and personalized service that customers can depend on. Our desirable bare root plants consistently prove to be of exceptional value and hardiness to our long standing customers. Principle customers are wholesale tree growers and landscapers located in theEastern United States. We grow distinctively uniform bare root trees that are perfect for field planting or containerization and include the top performing cultivars of Maple, Serviceberry, Birch, Hornbeam, Hackberry, Dogwood, Ginkgo, Honeylocust, Crabapple, Flowering Cherry, Flowering Plum, Flowering Pear, Native Oak, Lilac, Linden, Elm, and Zelkova. Test


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