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New Spring 2019 Varieties

Each year we do our best to add in new varieties in order to provide you with the best options and plants for your company. Take a look at our new varieties for Spring of 2019. If you are interested in seeing our wholesale catalog, click here. If you would like to see our current availability, click here.

Acer Palmatum (Japanese Maple) 10-49 50 up

NEW Orangeola (Acer palmatum dissectum ‘Orangeola’)
Zone 5 An exceptional selection with deeply cut orange-red growth
in spring. It turns a dark green in mid-summer with a tinge of
orange-red new growth throughout the summer. Dense, mounding
habit with fiery orange-red fall color.
Spec (XXX) B&B w/42-48″ 123.65 108.80
Spec (XX) B&B w/36-42″ 105.40 92.75
Spec (X) B&B w/30-36″ 92.85 81.70
3′ B&B w/24-30″ 77.20 67.95

Acer Truncatum (Norwegian Maple)
NEW Norwegian Sunset® (Acer truncatum X plat. ‘Keithsform’)
Zone 4 Upright oval tree with yellow-orange to red fall color.
Uniform canopy and smaller size combined with dark green, glossy
foliage and heat resistance make this selection a desirable shade
tree. Plus $1.00 royalty.
7′ Whips 20.40 17.95
6′ Whips 17.50 15.40
5′ Whips 14.90 13.10

Aesculus (Buckeye)
NEW Red Buckeye (Aesclus pavia)
Zone 4 Brilliant red flowers on large panicles in mid spring are
attractive to butterflies and hummingbirds. Dark green foliage
emerges before many trees show signs of growth.
4′ Multi-stem 31.85 28.05
3′ Multi-stem 28.55 25.10
2′ Multi-stem 24.95 21.95
18″ Multi-stem 21.55 18.95

NEW Betula (Birch)
White Satin™ (Betula ‘Madison’ SS)
Zone 4 Uniform pyramidal habit. Very showy satin-white bark.
Attractive foliage with golden yellow fall color. Resistant to bronze
birch borer. Grown on their own root. Plus $.20 Royalty
8′ Single 11.65 10.25
7′ Single 10.05 8.85
6′ Single 9.00 7.90
5′ Single 7.95 7.00

Cornus (Dogwood) 10-49 50 up
NEW Firebird Variegated (Cornus florida rubra ‘Fircomz’)
Zone 5 Multi-variegated red, cream and green with spectacular
foliage during all growing seasons. Does not burn in full sun.
Plus $1.00 Royalty.
4′ Branched 28.80 25.35
3′ Branched 26.40 23.25

Corylus (Filbert)

NEW Red Dragon (Corylus avellana ‘Red Dragon’) Plant Patent # 20,694
Zone 4 Contorted red-leaf hazelnut with distinct twisting stems,
rich dark burgundy leaves, burgundy colored catkins (male flowers),
and red nut hulls with edible nuts. Resistant to insects and
and diseases. Grown on their own root. Plus $1.25 royalty.
4′ Multi-stem 35.85 31.55
3′ Multi-stem 32.10 28.25
2′ Multi-stem 28.15 24.75
18″ Multi-stem 24.25 21.35

Fagus (Beech)

Black Swan (Fagus sylvatica ‘Black Swan’)
NEW Zone 4 Upright central leader with branches that cascade down
forming a column of dark purple foliage in spring. An excellent
specimen tree for the smaller urban landscape. Similar to
Purple Fountain Beech.
1″ B&B 93.85 82.60
6′ B&B 82.80 72.85
5′ B&B 74.20 65.30

Syringa (Tree Lilac)

Beijing Gold Peking Lilac™ (Syringa pekinensis ‘Zhang Zhiming’)
NEW Zone 4 Fragrant, primrose-yellow flowers in early summer. Dark
green foliage with golden yellow fall color. Upright habit with
cinnamon-brown exfoliating bark. Good salt and drought
tolerance once established. Plus $1.00 Royalty.
7′ Branched 36.45 32.10
6′ Branched 31.65 27.85
5′ Branched 28.15 24.75
4′ Branched 24.70 21.75

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