Cornus kousa chinensis 'Snow Tower'

Snow Towerâ"¢ Columnar Dogwood

Columnar Dogwood that has a strong leader and is very symmetrical. It has a very tight branch angle, which makes it one of the narrowest selections for a street tree. Large white flowers cover the tree in spring. Flower size is about 7″ wide and generally Holds color 5-6 weeks. In the fall birds are attracted to the fruit. Fall color red to red-orange with hints of purple. Plus $.85 Royalty.

Cornus kousa chinensis 'Snow Tower' Details

Latin Name: Cornus kousa chinensis 'Snow Tower'

Common Name: Snow Towerâ"¢ Columnar Dogwood

Short Name: Snow Towerâ"¢ Columnar Dogwood

Category: Flowering Tree

Genus: Cornus

Height: 20-25'

Width: 5-10'

Active: yes

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